Trippy and experimental “Coexist” by Dan Perry.

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As I listen to the newest release, “Coexist” by Dan Perry, I am pulled into a surreal dimension of trippy, psychedelic effects, and electropop vibes.

Perry wrote this song about reconnecting with an ex-lover, and, believing they could overcome their differences, proposes they “co-exist” in the same space, and re-establish a relationship.

The interesting effects Perry incorporates reflect the experimental qualities of Massive Attack and Radiohead, but with a lighter, pop-infused sound.

I enjoy the delicate and seductive vocals, which whisper secrets to the listener, creating an unspoken bond.

It’s interesting to hear the range of styles this musician is incorporating in his music, with noticeable differences between his first two singles.

Earlier this year he released his first single, “Your Love Is a Heavy Dose”, which displays more dance-pop elements than “Coexist”.

Perry has been singing and playing acoustic guitar since 14 years of age, and in 2018 a friend invited him to record at a local studio.

Perry took a shine to being in the studio, and it wasn’t long before he was spending every night there, creating and recording with his artist manager, Erik Azizi.

I am intrigued to see what this young artist will mesmerize us with on his next release. Keep an eye and an ear out for it!

If you enjoy music from artists such as Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, then Dan Perry will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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