Praise for Phil Elams “Rodeo Boys”!

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Grab your cowboy hat… rise up and jump for joy with Phil Elam’s “Rodeo Boys”! This feel-good, high-energy track will get you smiling and dancing with joyous abandonment!

Elam has quoted; “Rodeo Boys is all about the joy of unconditional love. When you give in and surrender to the bliss of unconditional love, it is very liberating.”

The song begins with cowboy sound effects, which amuses and intrigues the listener. As the song progresses we are introduced to combined musical layers of big synthesizers and powerful bass beats, which create a distinct and enjoyable soundscape.

“Rodeo Boys” is great fun to listen to, I enjoy the entertaining lyrics such as; “If you want a Rodeo boy, rise up jump for joy, if you want this Rodeo Boy, tie me up I’ll be your toy!”

Phil Elam is a multi-talented award-winning musician and filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan. During his youth, he dealt with many abusive situations on the streets, but always found solace in his room, a world of his own, of music and movies.

Elam has an immense passion for his arts; music, and movies, but also for charitable giving. One of his main goals is to make a positive contribution to society through art and help society advance in a co-operative and positive manner.

This kind and generous artist has already donated the profit from two hit singles to charitable funds. His hope is to help more people and continue this momentum.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber, then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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