Hypnotic Misa connects to her listener’s hearts in “Think About Me”.

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Misa is a singer and songwriter from London who is deeply passionate about music and describes it as the core of her life. Misa’s profound love for her art is clear when you listen to her performances.

“Think About Me” is the fifth single from her album “Broken Record” and in this emotive and touching song, Misa sings of a past love, remembering the good times and heartbreak and wondering if that person is thinking of her.

The delicacy of a broken heart is not easily explained, but Misa has a gift for expressive connection, and she conveys this representation with graceful poetic lyrics, and a hypnotic performance.

I adore the simple guitar introduction, which immediately activates a feeling of sorrow and longing in the listener’s heart.

Misa expertly takes her listeners on a delicate sonic journey of masterful musical intricacies with hypnotic breathy vocals. These effects create a fragile atmosphere, which stirs an emotional rawness within.

Misa creates musical collages drawing on a wide range of genres such as Alternative rock, Jazz and Pop, she will fit perfectly on a playlist between Ellie Goulding and Adele.

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