A profound and soulful song, “Am I Better” by Sorry it’s Over, releases 9th October.

Best New Artists Guest Post

A powerful, dynamic guitar plays a nostalgic tune, and I am instantly hooked, craving for more. I am listening to the newest single (to be released, October 9th) “Am I Better” by Sorry It’s Over, an alternative rock/pop band from Encinitas, California.

Sorry It’s Over is the collaboration of Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella, two talented young men, who were bandmates in high-school, business partners after high-school, and now, they are Sorry It’s Over. Cleary they were destined for great things together.

Their music is profound and soulful, it feels progressive and alternative, unique, and fresh, with a deep necessity to be heard.

I enjoy Sam Adagte’s soulful, affectionate, raspy vocals, as he questions…
“Am I better than I was before?”, while Louis Petrella pushes the musical force onwards, with elegant intricacies that captivate the listener.

Music has the ability to touch the soul and evoke powerful emotions. “Am I Better” was written at a time of doubt and uncertainty in Sam Adgate’s life. This experience is expertly communicated through a deep musical and vocal connection with their listeners.

“Am I Better” will be released on October 9th, keep an eye out for it! And if you enjoy music from artists such as The Strokes, and The Frights, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your playlist.

And while you’re waiting for their new release…. enjoy this…

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